Outsourced Billing Services

Outsourced Billing Services to Optimize RCM Process

Healthcare providers can maximize reimbursements and improve cash flows with outsourced billing services.

Outsourced Billing Services for Faster Reimbursements

Increase revenue generation and get paid on time with an outsourced medical billing company.

Certified Billing Professionals

Outsourced billing services to certified billing teams at Claims BPO to boost financial growth of your practice.

Simplified Billing Process

Ensure continuous success and simplify the entire RCM process by outsourcing billing services to Claims BPO.

Clean Claim Submission

Drive large revenues and attain higher claims acceptance rates with an outsourced medical billing company.

Our Success in Numbers


Accounts Receivable Days

48 Hours

Turn Around Time (TAT)


Customer Retention


First Pass Clean Claims Rate


Revenue Improvement


Reduction in A/R